If You Need To Cancel Your Holiday


Contact us ASAP: Tel - 0208 364 6764 Email - holidays@dayfields.co.uk. We will give you a 100% refund as long as we are informed in writing of your cancellation and you provide us with a minimum of 30 days notice before the start of the holiday you have booked. If you have booked your holiday with us directly using our own website and you cancel your holiday within the 30 day notice period, we will refund you 50% of the cost of your holiday. However, if you have booked your holiday through a third party (such as booking.com or airbnb) they will provide you with there own Cancelation Policy and there own T&Cs which will be applicable to all parties.


Cancellation By Us Due To A National/Local Lockdown


If we have to cancel your holiday due to a National or Local Lockdown (or for any other unforeseen reason), you can reschedule your holiday at no extra cost. However, if the price of your new holiday is more expensive than the one that we have cancelled, you must pay the difference. If your new holiday is cheaper than the one that we have cancelled, we will pay you back the difference. Or you can have a full refund from us and cancel your holiday completely.


To Amend Or Reschedule Your Holiday


Contact us ASAP: Tel - 0208 364 6764 Email - holidays@dayfields.co.uk and we will do our best to change your booking. If the price of your new holiday is more expensive than the one that you have booked, you must pay the difference. If your new holiday is cheaper than the one that you have booked, we will pay you back the difference. If however, we are unable to reschedule your holiday you can cancel it completely (charges may/may not apply). See below.

The Cancellation Period Expires After The Start Date Of The Holiday


If you have not cancelled your holiday before the start date of your holiday but you fail to check-in at all, or if you have checked in but you leave your holiday early for any reason you will not be entitled to any refund at all. 


Holiday Park Facilities Restrictions


The facilities on the Holiday Park always operate in accordance with government guidelines. As a result of this the facilities on the Holiday Park may be operating in a restricted way at the time of your visit or some facilities may even be closed in order to protect people’s health and safety.


Driving On The Holiday Park


To safeguard the holiday environment and the safety of all guests, the speed limit on the Holiday Park is just 10mph. No driving is permitted around the site between midnight and 6am.


Special Occasions


Please bear in mind that Par Sands is a very quiet holiday retreat. So if you are planning to hold a party of any description we need to approve your plans before taking your booking.


Personal Belongings


Whilst on Park, you and those in your party are responsible for looking after your own belongings so we strongly advise that any valuable items you bring on holiday are adequately covered by your insurance. We cannot accept any liability for loss or damage to your belongings unless we have been at fault.


TV Filming And Photography


We want you to capture as many happy memories as you can whilst you are on holiday with us. However, guests are not allowed to film or take photographs in the swimming pool area or the changing rooms.




Park Leisure operate CCTV on Par Sands Holiday Park.


Emergency Access To Your Holiday Home


If there is an emergency a representative of Dayfields Holidays or any representative of Park Leisure can enter your accommodation without notice.




If your Holiday Home and/or any of the items provided to you within your Holiday Home become damaged by you or any member of your party, we reserve the right to recover the cost of the damage back from you. The same applies if we have to replace or repair any items. The same applies if we have to carry out any extra cleaning.


The Holiday Agreement


When you make a booking request, you’re offering to buy one of our holidays and you are agreeing to follow our terms and conditions. But we do have the right to turn down your booking request or cancel your booking if we choose to do so.


Our contract is made with the lead booker who is making an agreement with us on behalf of everyone coming with the lead booker to Par Sands. It is the lead booker’s responsibility to make sure their party all know about these terms and conditions and that they accept them.


When you make your booking, we will ask you for details of your permanent home address and may check this against publicly available records. This is to prevent fraud and to make sure we can contact you by post before or after your holiday should we need to.


When you book up a holiday with Dayfields Holidays, the lead booker will be required to provide us with their photo ID. Plus the lead booker will be asked to provide us with all of the names, addresses and contact details of all of the people who will be staying overnight in the Holiday Home. For Health & Safety and Security reasons, these details will be forwarded on to Park Leisure (the Holiday Park operators).


For security reasons holiday makers may be asked to produce identification upon arrival or when you are making use of the Holiday Park.


We don’t knowingly allow anyone to book a Dayfields Holiday or Visit Per Sands Holiday Park who is a convicted child sex offender, subject to the notification requirements of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, or subject to a Risk of Sexual Harm Order or Child Abduction Notice.


How Do I Make A Complaint About Dayfields Holidays?


Just call or email us if there is a problem or if you think that we have not provided you with a satisfactory service: Tel - 0208 364 6764 Email - holidays@dayfields.co.uk.